MEDITERRANEO is a linen collection, composed of light and loose pieces, ideal for hot summer days on the Mediterranean coast.⁠

For this collection, we have developed with our Italian weaver a bright and pure blue linen that goes perfectly with our white linen or denim pieces.⁠

A combination of colors that we particularly like for summer and that goes perfectly with the decor of the photo shoot by Justine Robineau in Majorca.⁠


For spring 2024, we wanted a very elegant collection, a collection in beige and black, timeless.⁠

We worked with different fabrics to create a game of volume and movement, the eternal obsession of Le Vestiaire de Jeanne.⁠


The mornings are refreshing, everything in the house is calm, we get busy, we tidy up, we take our time... 

Our Matin d’Hiver collection is made up of clothing for men and women, in midnight blue and off-white cotton velvet.⁠


A collection for sunny days: spring linen clothes, colors reminiscent of nature and a whole selection of items for playing, cooking and taking care of yourself, your laundry and your home.


A soft and warm collection designed for winter with linen, cotton canvas and a very soft and warm herringbone wool.


JUXTA is an ultra-local and highly responsible collaborative collection between two Nîmes brands: Le cloakroom de Jeanne and Ateliers de Nîmes.

It pays homage to the city of Nîmes and its proud past as a fabric manufacturer. The pieces developed for this exceptional collection are entirely made in Nîmes, handcrafted in our workshop on rue Auguste from an authentic denim woven on rue Montaury.

To create this collection, we have selected 5 iconic VDJ clothes, timeless and refined items for the whole family, which we have made in denim woven by the Ateliers de Nîmes.

Atelier de Nîmes weaves the most authentic and durable denim in the world. Thanks to the use of traditional techniques, the manufacture of its Denim consumes 75% less water than the others and requires 80% less solvents.


A white and blue linen collection, easy to wear for a bright summer.


This new spring collection is an ode to craftsmanship, raw materials, natural colors and a slower, simpler way of life closer to nature.


Our Olive collection, designed to be worn all year round, with an emphasis on a deep, bright green cotton canvas.

All our collections are photographed by Justine Robineau and and filmed by Micheal Diot from the brilliant creative duo @maisonpapakunu