VDJ Scented candle

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"Black ginger"

- Scented candle made in Nîmes in collaboration with a Nîmes company specializing in perfumery.

- Fragrance: "Black ginger" with light woody notes

A powerful, subtle and unisex fragrance, which perfectly transcribes the atmosphere of Le Vestiaire de Jeanne.

"When I smelled this scent for the first time, I immediately knew it would be the scent of VDJ! For me, it perfectly transcribes LE VESTIAIRE DE JEANNE : powerful but subtle, perfectly unisex, it perfumes the room without being overwhelming and can be used all year long." Charlotte LE STUM-MEYER, founder and designer of the VDJ

- A 100% natural candle made from non-GMO soy wax and a cotton wick


- Year of creation: 2023

VDJ Scented candle "Black ginger"

  • Size guide

    - 180g

    - 40 hours of combustion

  • Composition
  • - Non-GMO soy wax

    - Cotton wick

    - Glass container

  • Care instructions
  • As with any candle, wait for the entire surface of the wax to melt during the first use to prevent the candle from "hollowing out".

    It is advisable to trim the wick regularly to keep the wick centered and a few millimeters long.

  • Questions
  • If you have a question about this item, please send us an email at contact@levestiairedejeanne.com

    Our team will be very happy to advise you.

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