Look book fall-winter 12/13

The collection fall-winter 12/13 of VDJ was inspired by the photographic work of August Sander who, trough its work "People of the XX° century" tried to transcribe in a faithful and exhaustive way the society of his time.


Basing on a rigorous typology, the photographer distributed his portraits according to seven different social groups : "the farmer", "the skilled tradesman", "the woman", "classes and professions", "the artists", "the city" and "the last people", on the themes of the old age, the disease adn the death.


As usual, itis the utilitarian aspect of the clothes that interests us. We took clothes from the various social groups to create our ideal cloakroom (cloakroom = vestiaire in french). So you can find in the collection the coat of a "vagrant", the blouse of a "farmer" or a "sage", the trousers of a "farmer", ...


Book of inspiration : "People of the XX° century", August Sander, éditions La martinière