Saroual trousers, wool

241,67 €
herringbone wool drap

- Saroual trousers, low crotch, pockets on the sides, elastic waist, length : ankle. 

- This item is available in several fabrics (linen, wool blend, wool drap, ...), which give a different shape on the body.

- The wool drap is a heavy fabric which keeps the shape of the garment and gives a heavy and off the body shape.

- Fabric made in France and garment made in our workshop in South of France.    

Saroual trousers, black flannel
Saroual trousers, herringbone wool drap
Saroual trousers, grey wool blend
Saroual trousers, navy blue wool drap
Saroual trousers, tourterelle wool drap
Saroual trousers, black flannel

  • Size guide

    - Sizes correspondence : 

    Size 0 : 36 (French size), Size 1 : 38, Size 2 : 40, Size 3 : 42, Size 4 : 44, Size 5 : 46

    - The VDJ clothes are rather large.

    - The women models are about 1,72m and 60kg. They wear for this item :

    size 2 when they want to wear the saroual large

    size 1 when they want to wear the saroual more narrow

    - The man model is about 1,90m. He is wearing size 3 for this item. 

  • Composition
  • - 100% wool

    - Fabric made in France

    - Clothes made in our workshop in South of France

  • Care instructions
  • - Machine washable, cold program

  • Questions
  • - This item is available in kids and adults sizes :

    Adults sizes : Size 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

    Kids sizes : 2yrs, 3yrs, 4yrs, 6yrs, 8 yrs, 10yrs, 12 yrs

    -If your size is not available, we can produce it on demand.

    Please contact us by email :

    - If you have a question about this item, please contact us by email :

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Colors herringbone
Fabrics wool
Styles Saroual trousers
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