Merino Wool Dolly bonnet

30,00 €

- A knitted beanie in 100% merinowool.

- The beanie is of medium thickness and perfect for wearing outdoors as well as indoors. It keeps babies at a good temperature. The ribbon makes it fit well on the head.

- Merino wool does not itch and is antibacterial. It is therefore perfect for children with eczema or sensitive skin.

- Made in Belgium

- Designer: HVID

Minimalist design, timeless colors, noble materials are the 3 principles of HVID. The brand produces sustainable products from its workshop in Belgium: each wool item is made on site and on demand to avoid overproduction. HVID has chosen merino wool, a natural material particularly well suited to the sensitive skin of children.

Merino Wool Dolly bonnet - Sand

  • Size guide

    - Size:

    - S: 0-3 months

    - M: 4-12 months

    - L: 12- 24 months

  • Composition
  • - Material: 100 % extra fine Italian merinowool (oeko-tex,mulesing free).

  • Care instructions
  • - Merino wool does not need to be washed frequently. This fiber is self-cleaning. It is perfect for being ventilated outside.

    - Otherwise, wash it very gently by hand in lukewarm water at 20°.
    Use wool detergent for washing.

  • Questions
  • - If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:

Data sheet

Colors beige
Fabrics wool
Styles beanie
Designer HVID