ceramic bowl

23,33 €

- Ceramic bowl, slightly shiny white enamel on the inside and matt on the outside

- Each piece is unique and the size varies from one piece to another.

- diameter of 18 cm and height of about 6 cm.

- This bowl can be used to eat ramen, soup, ... or as a small serving dish.

- limited series, exclusively for the Vestiaire de Jeanne

- handcrafted in France

- Designer: Ultramarine ceramic

White ceramic bowl

  • Size guide

    - One size : diameter about 18 cm and height about 6 cm.

    - Each piece is unique and the size can change for each piece.

  • Composition
  • - ceramic

    - Hand made in France

  • Questions
  • If you have a question, please contact us by email : info@levestiairedejeanne.com

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Colors white
Styles bowl
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