The deer

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- This chamotte black sandstone deer is produced in very small quantities by the French ceramist Sylvain Jarry.

- A small hole is present on the head to insert a branch or a plant.

- Each deer is made by hand. So they all have a little difference that makes them unique!

- Lover of nature and sensitive to textures, Sylvain Jarry slowly models by hand, with a pinch, columbine or plate, pieces in chamotte stoneware.

Through the play of textures and primitive forms, he tells stories, makes, in small quantities, mysterious animals, irregular vases in natural colors, and pottery with a raw character.

- We fell in love with its raw and poetic little animals to place all over the house

- designer: UGBU

The white owl
The black owl
The fox
The deer

  • Size guide

    - High : 5,5 cm
    - Length : 7 cm

  • Composition
  • - clay

    - handmade by the ceramist Sylvain Jarry

  • Questions
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Data sheet

Colors black
Designer UGBU