Taper candle

2,50 €

- The self-extinguishing Taper candles of Ester & Erik burn with a beautiful steady flame and are non-drip, provided they aren't exposed to draft. 

- Conically shaped in the bottom so they fit most candlesticks.

- Handmade, long, lean and with the thin elegant point that is the ester & erik trademark. 

- Burning time : 8 hours

- made in Danemark

- Designer : Ester & Erik

Taper candle, gold
Taper candle, red wine
Taper candle, white
Taper candle, black
Taper candle, silver
Taper candle, olive green
Taper candle, red
Taper candle, grey

  • Size guide

    - 32 cm

    - Diameter : 2,6 cm

    - Burning time : 8 hours

  • Composition
  • - wax

  • Questions
  • - If you have a question about this item, please contact us by email : info@levestiairedejeanne.com

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