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Mosquito repellent

The mosquito repellent candle is a natural blend of citronella known for its mosquito repellent properties and palo santo better known for its soothing and anti-stress properties.

But this sacred wood, so loved by humans, is hated by all flying insects.

It is extremely effective in addition to being pretty.

Enjoy aperitifs and quiet dinners in the garden, your terrace or indoors this summer, far from the stress of being eaten by mosquitoes.

Approximate duration 50 hours.

220 grams.

Handcrafted in Bordeaux

Designer: SAMO PARIS

Scented candle Mostuqito repellent

  • Size guide

    - 220 grammes.

    - About 50 hours. 

  • Composition
  • - The recipe for SAMO candles is simple, wax and perfume, nothing more.

    - Wax is a mixture of coconut and soy wax.

    - The perfumes with which the brand works are phthalate-free, allergen-free, CMR-free.

    - The wick is untreated linen.

  • Questions
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