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 A large stoneware mug with clean lines.

- It is made for the tea lover.

- It has a curry colored glaze at the inside and the outside appears with the natural beauty of the greyish raw clay

- 350 ml

- The ceramic is made in a pottery in Hanoi, run by the eighth generation of the family.

- The ceramist uses local resources en mixes the (non-toxic) colors himself.

- These food safe products are baked at high temperatures which make them dishwasher and microwave safe.

- Handmade in Vietnam for the Danish brand KINTA (fair trade)

Matt grey and curry mug

  • Size guide

    - 1 size : 350 ml

    - 10 cm high

    - 8 cm diameter

  • Composition
  • - clay stoneware

    - Handmade in Vietnam (fair trade)

  • Care instructions
  • dishwasher and microwave safe

  • Questions
  • - If you have a question about this item, please contact us by email :

Data sheet

Colors yellow
Styles Cup
Designer KINTA
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