Leather blanket holder

58,33 €

- Leather blanket holder in black

- 100 % leather

- Designer : Innata

- Made in France

Leather blanket holder black

  • Size guide

    One size : 29 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm

  • Composition
  • - 100 % leather

  • Care instructions
  • - Leather is sensitive to natural elements: water, fat, heat, light, excess moisture or drought. Preserve it from prolonged exposure to intense light or heat (direct sun, behind a bay window, on a radiator ...), which would alter its hue. In case of contact with water, wipe it immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth. This will prevent the formation of drying marks or blisters.

    - Some materials can indelibly mark the leather: ink (pens and pens), greasy products (makeup and lipstick), perfume or alcoholic products. Similarly, repeated contact with raw or dark-colored textiles may affect the clearest leathers. Finally, its shape will remain intact if you spare it overloads or inappropriate content.

  • Questions
  • - If you have a question about this item, please contact us by email : info@levestiairedejeanne.com

Data sheet

Colors black
Styles Plaid holder
Designer INNATA
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