Large bolga basket

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green stripe

- Bolga baskets are handcrafted in farming villages in the Bolgatanga region of northern Ghana and are perhaps the best known baskets of all African baskets.

- They are woven from durable elephant grass.

- Every purchase helps provide the region's farmers and weavers with a sustainable way of life.

- Approximate height: 38 cm.

- Size and shape may vary slightly as they are hand-woven by different weavers.

- If the basket becomes deformed, submerge in water and reshape as needed. Trim away any protruding grass with scissors.

- Country of manufacture: Ghana

- Designer: Heddle & Lamm

Heddle & Lamm is an American brand which collaborates with master craftsmen in Ghana, Mexico, Morocco and India.

The brand combines its contemporary design with artisanal techniques handed down from generation to generation in order to perpetuate these traditional skills.

Large bolga basket, green stripe
Large bolga basket, red-brown handle

  • Size guide

    - Approximate dimensions : 38 cm high

    Sizes and shape will vary slightly as these are hand woven by different weavers.

  • Composition
  • - Hand woven basket

    - Leather handle

    - Made in Ghana 

  • Care instructions
  • If basket gets out of shape submerge in water and re-shape as needed.

    Trim off any stray grass with scissors.

  • Questions
  • If you have a question regarding this item, do not hesitate to write to us at the following address:

Data sheet

Colors green
Styles basket
Designer HEDDLE & LAMM
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