Hand & Body Milk

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Matin de Printemps

This natural and artisanal body milk is made in Provence in small batches, out of 98,4% natural ingredients.

With shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil, it nourishes deeply the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Delicately perfumed with the amber scent "Les Grandes Vacances", a childhood memory interpreted as a scent.

Scent: Nr. 2 ("Matin de Printemps") is a fresh scent that reminds of clothes drying in the sun on a beautiful Spring day.

A crisp and gentle scent, that makes you feel balanced and serene. With hints of lavender and musk.

Artisan-made in Luberon, South of France

Designer : Les choses simples

Hand & Body Milk Les Grandes Vacances
Hand & Body Milk Matin de Printemps
Hand & Body Milk Orange Blossom

  • Size guide

    - 250 ml (glass bottle)

  • Composition
  • Ingredients and their benefits: 

    COCONUT OIL: nourishes, softens the skin. Rich in Vitamin E and A. 

    OLIVE OIL: anti-oxydant, anti-aging. Hydrating and nourishing. Soothes irritated and/or sensitive skin. Rich in phytosterol and vitamin E.

    SHEA BUTTER: Anti-inflammatory and soothing. Nourishes deeply the skin and increases its elasticity. Instant relief for dry skin, improves skin condition. Rich in vitamin E and A and phytosterols.

    98,4% natural ingredients.

    No parabens, no silicons, no mineral oil compounds, no artificial colouring, no sulphates (SLS), no phthalates. 

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