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Le père de Noël

- The books of Supereditions are funny stories written by Sandra Lanilis.

- Stories for boys and girls, for young and older kids ...

- Superbooks in which something essential is missing...

- Superdraws are missing to illustrate the Superstories and become real beautifull books to read, to keep and to collect.

- available in French, English and Japanese (ideal to learn an other language)

«  What do extraterrestrials do when they are on holiday ? » - les supereditions
«  where do monsters and spiders hide when they're afraid ? » - les supereditions
"The mysterious shrimp", les supereditions
«  Que fait la nuit quand il fait jour » - les supereditions
«  Le père de Noël » - les supereditions
Abcdaire - les supereditions
"Les oreilles de mon grand-père" - les supereditio
"my wicked sister" - les supereditio
"my brother is a demon" - les supereditio
" the bear's skin" - les supereditions
" the mummy's birthday" - les supereditions
" la chauve-souris pas si chauve" - les supereditions

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