Look book spring-summer 2011

"My first encounter with Yohji Yamamoto was in a way an experience of identity. I bought a shirt and a jacket. You know this feeling, you put a new cloth, ..., your excited by this new skin. But with this shirt and this jacket,, it was different. From the beginning, they were new and old in the same time. On the mirror I saw me of course only better, more me than before. And I had a strange sensation. I was wearing, yes, I had no other words for it, I was wearing the shirt itself and the jacket itself. And in them, I was myself.
...What secret had he discovered this Yohji Yamamoto ? A shape, a cut, a fabric, none of these explain what I thought. That can from deeper. From the past. What did this Yamamoto know about me, about everybody ?"
WIM WENDERS – carnets de notes sur vêtements et villes
The spring summer 2011 collection was inspired by Wim Wenders’ movie and the will of Yohji Yamamoto to find the "cloth itself". In his documentary about Yamamoto, Wim Wenders had succeded to translate our feelings and intentions about fashion and more, about clothes.
After this reflexion about clothes, we searched to create a wardrobe "itself", "ideal", basic and timeless. What interested us, was the gross side of the clothes, without accessoires or details to become more attractive. The beauty of the cloth comes from his utility.
We worked on each cloth of the kid’s wardrobe -blouse, shirt, dress, short, pants, jacket, coat to take away everything what is not necessary to keep only the necessary and try « the cloth itself ».
We arrived to a collection, a wardrobe, very basic and timeless that can belong to a kid from any time, any nationality. The fabrics and the colors are very neutral too.