Look book spring-summer 2012

The spring-summer 2012 collection arose from a meeting between a choice of fabrics and children's photos. In the continuation of our researches for materials, colors, textures, prints, a choice was gradually imperative, based itself on :

- a color : indigo, associated with white and natural

- a material : linen, associated with other fibers to give more supple, more old-looking aspect, and a more raw aspect.

Thanks to lined and checked weavings, once worn and washed, clothes seem "used", "creased". The fabric seems then washed-out.

For some years, we are fascinated by children photographed in the North of India and Tibet. 

Their "wild" and "raw" aspects markedus a lot. Their common dresses seem extremely looked for, worked. This random association of exchangeable clothes, as if there was a "triad" between the various parts of their "wardrobe" marked us.

It corresponds totaly on the reflexion we have since the beginning of the VDJ concerning clothes and wich concerns minimalism, the research for the main  part, associations and comfort.

And so was born this collection, very simple, consisted of models to be assembled, to stack, to set, and which decline in dresses, combinations, jackets, coats to be encircled. We worked on the volumes and the gathers, as weel as on "naive" and "row" finishes.