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brown leather

- Organic leather strap.

- The hanger with endless uses in both your home and workspace.

- In your hallway; for keeping your favorite bag or scarf in. In the kitchen for your towels & tools.

- For your favorite magazines or for your workspace with drawings and inspiration.

- Also works as a tie back for your curtains.

- The button makes it possible to hang in your favorite belongings. 

- Hand made in Sweden.

brown leather strap

  • Size guide

    - Size : about 46 x 3 cm

  • Composition
  • - 100% Organic vegetable-tanned leather

    - Origin : hand made in Sweden

  • Care instructions
  • - Exposure to direct sunlight will darken “blonde” colors and bleach darker colors.

    - Hot, dry air can dry out leather if it is not regularly conditioned.

    - Certain chemicals and detergents can damage the surface of the leather and tarnish the color.

  • Questions
  • - If you have a question about this item, please contact us by email :

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Colors brown
Styles Strap